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SAIT Becomes First Private Institution to Join BIS Standards Club

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology sets a milestone as the first private institution from Indore to join BIS Standards club.

A Historic Initiative

In an unprecedented move, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology (SAIT), Indore has emerged as the first private engineering institution from the city to establish a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Standards Club.

Assistant Professor Sharad Nema, recently nominated as the Club's mentor, represented the institution at the mentor's training program at the BIS branch office in Bhopal on 27-28 June 2023.


The enlightening two-day program focused on the mentor's role an the varied initiatives of the club, such as organizing academic programs each year involving standard writing competitions and workshops.

Moreover, the club will orchestrate industry-oriented projects and seminars on specific standards, alongside awareness programs emphasizing the pivotal role of quality and standards in improving life quality and promoting economic development.

The Mentor's Crucial Role

Under Professor Nema's guidance, the club aims to carry out these activities smoothly and effectively. His mentorship will be instrumental in instilling students with a profound understanding and appreciation of standards and their societal implications.

Financial Assistance and Institutional Support

The BIS extends financial aid to the Standard Clubs, facilitating their various activities.

This funding depends on conducting a minimum number of activities every year, covering various necessities like event logistics, stationery, faculty/speaker payments during workshops/seminars, and competition prizes.


Upon successful operating for a year, clubs quality for further institutional support in the form of lab equipment. This assistance enhances the college's science labs, providing enriching practical learning experience for students.

Promoting BIS Affiliation

Institutions with approved Standards Clubs are encouraged to display the Standards Club Logo and its tagline on official platforms, demonstrating their BIS affiliation.

Introducing the BIS Care App and Know Your Standards

A significant addition to the club's initiative is the incorporation of the BIS Care App and the 'Know your Standards' feature, tools designed for consumer empowerment and knowledge enhancement.

BIS Care App: An Empowering Tool


The BIS Care App offers several features, including the verification of product authenticity marked with BIS standard marks and hallmark jewelry items with an HUID number. It also provides information on Indian standards, licenses against them, and associated laboratories through the 'Know Your Standards' feature. 

Users can access BIS labs and offices' locations, verify electronic products' authenticity, and register complaints regarding product quality or misuse of BIS standard marks.

Know Your Standards: Comprehensive Information of Indian Standards

The 'Know Your Standards' feature serves as a one-stop window for everything one may want to know about Indian Standards. As club members, students will learn about the IS/ISO code of Indian standards and explore emerging areas like Standards for electric vehicles and Electric Vehicle Battery Swap System/Unified Data Exchange.

Setting a Strong Example

This momentous development at SAIT reflects its commitment to fostering industry-oriented knowledge and skills among its students. As the first private institution from Indore with a BIS Standards Club, SAIT has paved the way for a more enlightened and quality-focused educational environment, setting a strong example for others to follow.


SAIT Becomes First Private Institution to Join BIS Standards Club

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology sets a milestone as the first private institution from Indore to join BIS Standards club.

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