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Sri Aurobindo Edupark

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The Sri Aurobindo Edupark campus sprawls over 54 acres of a lush-green area having abundant terrain and easy accessibility from various parts of the city. It is situated on Indore - Ujjain Highway & offers a vibrant, interactive, and comfortable environment to the students.

To cater to the safety and security of the people in our campus, CCTVs have been installed at all important locations. The campus also has the facilities like Bank, ATM & a Post-office which is a real time saver for the students.

Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, there’s no room for laxity & negligence. Ours is a COVID19-Safe campus and we follow strict protocols & precautionary measures for social distancing, In-campus screening & monitoring, disinfection and sanitization measures with COVID19 ready teaching approaches for the safety of students & staff.

Sri Aurobindo Edupark's Campus Consists Of
Three Premier Institutes

Sri Aurobindo Edupark has a marvelous infrastructure.
The enclave consists of 3 blocks which offer numerous facilities for our students to pursue their academic and recreational goals,
from academic buildings, labs, and sports facilities to social spaces and medical amenities.



The central building of SAIT is aesthetically designed to keep in view the ease of access to various areas. The building facilitates the various engineering departments with spacious classrooms, Library, Well-equipped labs & workshop with all modern instruments to provide practical training to students.




The main block of SAIP is divided into three parts. One part is exclusively for Management, the other part for administration and the third part for all the academic and related activities. The building has ventilated and well equipped classrooms with modern labs carrying apparatus required for practical research. SAIP consists of:

  • Pharmaceutics lab
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab
  • Anatomy and Physiology lab
  • Pharmacology Lab
  • Pharmacognosy Lab
  • Machine Room
  • Sophisticated Instrumentation Lab
  • Computer Lab with internet facility
  • An Animal House

As per the Pharmacy Council of India guidelines, Medicinal garden has been also created and maintained by SAIP with different plants which help the students in identifying the different species of plants with medicinal values as part of their academic activity.




The Undergraduate College of Sri Aurobindo Group of Institutions is located in the Central Building, hosting undergraduate courses in Science, Commerce and Arts.








The campus also accommodates
Nordic High International School & Arena-SAIT. 



Arena-SAIT is equipped with state of the art studio for VFX & Photography with Chroma setup, drawing lab, Tracing table, VR-Set, Projector & motion sensing gaming tools. It also has a computer lab with high end PCs configured with all necessitated software.








Surrounded by beautiful gardens, NHIS offers perfect surroundings for impeccable learning with high security measures helping children and parents feel safe and secure.

The architecture and design of our campus building is creatively planned and executed to make a lively and connected learning environment. Our innovative classrooms are designed to support a variety of educational experiences.

The campus building houses Pre-Primary & Primary School and it hosts a wide variety of exceptional facilities to create an environment where the learners gain experience that shapes their future. The building consists of:

  • A well furnished library equipped with audio visual technology and internet facility to inspire students to make reading a pleasure activity.

  • State of art Computer labs to provide a time and space to develop IT skills.

  • A well equipped outdoor environment promotes learning, engagement, and active play.

  • Indoor soft play area is a well equipped space that touches all aspects of learning for an uninterrupted 'learning while playing experience'.

  • Large Playgrounds including a new Tennis Court & a Swimming Pool taking shape to nurture skills like teamwork, esprit de corps and the critical skill of handling failures.

  • Dining facility to provide nutritious diet, essential to healthy brain development in children, which is critical to good learning.

  • Transport facility devoted to make available the school buses covering all possible routes across the city- offering a comfortable journey to & fro.