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Finishing School

Aurobindo Finishing School is a one of its kind initiative by a Private Engineering College in India.


Why Finishing School For Already Graduate Students?

Although a huge number of students are graduating every year, a recent study has revealed that the numbers of engineers that companies find employable are far less. This can essentially be attributed to the following reasons:
  • Huge need gap between industry and curriculum

  • Minimal or No Industry interaction

  • Lack of focus on soft skills

  • Too much focus on theory rather than practice

  • Brushing up of skills acquired is not taking place (revision courses)

  • Lack of orientation about the Placement and HR processes of companies

To address all these issues, Aurobindo has come up with an innovative in-house Institute by the name of Aurobindo Finishing School. Aurobindo Finishing School is a one of its kind initiative by a Private Engineering College in India. It is an Institute for the students of Aurobindo whose sole purpose is to develop and deliver programs, modules, short courses and capsules that will make students ‘Industry Ready’ and to impart knowledge and skills as required by the industry for matching of jobs.

The finishing school shall provide an opportunity to graduate students to develop soft, managerial and communication skills in addition to technical skills. The Institute and its faculty continuously work towards the goal of increasing the ‘Employability Quotient’ of the students of Aurobindo. The curriculum of Aurobindo Finishing School is drawn in consultation with the Corporate Advisory Board, The Industry Interface Development Centre and other distinguished people from the industry.




The course will be conducted in different modules and will be taught by people from respective specialties. These modules will in turn be spread over a period of four years keeping in mind the gradual learning process and interconnectivity of these modules. The subjects have been chosen with a view to impart knowledge and training in areas that are of maximum need of the industry and are usually the weakest link in the repertoire of a student.



The main courses are as follows