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SAIMS Organizes Industrial Visit to Parle-G Factory, Indore

SAIM&S Students' visit to Parle-G Factory - 2023

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Management & Science students visited the ‘Parle-G’ Factory in Indore on 4th January 2023. They were escorted by the officials who took them to the manufacturing unit and students got a chance to see the inside view of the factory right from dough making (the first input) to the last stage i.e., packaging and how each step is performed mechanically. The visit acquainted the students with the production and marketing process of preparing biscuits and other items from the said factory. A brief demonstration of different methods was given such as mixing all the ingredients, adding glucose, and flavour packing them into wrappers and storing them in cartons. It was an informative and enjoyable visit.

Overall, the activity was highly interactive and a great learning experience for the students on the concepts related to production and operations within a manufacturing plant. The combination of learning while having fun was made possible by seeing the assembly process in person, which, like many other topics, can be explained in the four walls of a classroom, but is made so much more effective when it is accessible and experienced by the learners. Through such field trips, we hope to cultivate practical learners by fuelling their innate curiosity and encouraging them to understand in a hands-on way.

The field trip was an overall success with the students’ enthusiastic response.


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