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Exceptional Minds Unite at TEDxSAIT at Sri Aurobindo Group of Institutes

Exceptional Minds Unite at TEDxSAIT at Sri Aurobindo Group of Institutes

The long-awaited TEDxSAIT event is finally scheduled for 8th July 2023 at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology (SAIT) Auditorium. Organized by the renowned Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, this groundbreaking event, titled "Finding the Extraordinary in Ordinary", will present a powerhouse of 12 esteemed speakers, each embodying the event's theme in their unique way.

The list of speakers includes politicians, designers, entrepreneurs, social activists, psychologists, writers, content creators, and comedians. More details can be found on the official event website: https://tedxsait.in/

The TEDxSAIT will kick off with Mr. Jaivardhan Singh, a committed lawmaker known for his advocacy for equal opportunities and inclusive growth. As the youngest member of Madhya Pradesh's 14th Vidhan Sabha, Mr. Singh will undoubtedly bring a fresh and insightful perspective to the event.

TEDxSAIT is also proud to host the dynamic duo, Ms. Zuby Johal and Mr. Rajiv Subba. Both are co-founders of Dirty Hands Studio, a leading makeup prosthetics and FX Studio, and will share insights from their 15 years of industry experience.

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The roster also includes Mr. Anish Basu Roy, the co-founder and CEO of TagZ Foods, who has carved a niche for himself in the field of tech-enabled retail distribution after holding leadership positions at globally renowned brands like Nokia and Coca-Cola.

Another speaker of note is Dr. Priyanka Mokshmar, a successful entrepreneur, startup mentor, and motivational speaker. As the CMD at Vaayu India, she has been instrumental in shaping policies with the Prime Minister of India.

TEDxSAIT will also be hosting social activist and Indore Traffic Police's traffic warden, Ms. Shubhi Jain, along with Dr. Sandeep Atre, a counselling psychologist and emotional intelligence expert. Their impactful work is sure to inspire the audience and ignite fruitful discussions.


Overcoming physical hurdles, Mr. Vikram Agnihotri, India's first double amputee driving license holder, will be sharing his inspiring journey, while freelancer writer and best-selling author Ms. Mukti Masih, and accomplished RJ, Mr. Navneet Dubey, will explore the realms of writing and content creation.

Mr. Sudhindra Mohan Sharma, a groundwater scientist with impressive credentials, and Mr. R. Sreenivasa Murthy, a retired IFS officer and wildlife expert, will address critical environmental issues, promoting sustainable practices for a better future.

Rounding up the exceptional line-up is Mr. Yash Badlani, a stand-up comedian, copywriter, and B.Pharm student at SAIT. His multifaceted talents promise an entertaining end to the series of thought-provoking presentations.

TEDxSAIT aims to bring together individuals with the unique ability to make an indelible impression on people and society, highlighting the theme - "Finding the Extraordinary in Ordinary". For more details about the event, please visit the official website: https://tedxsait.in/

About TED

TED is the ultimate platform dedicated to accelerating groundbreaking ideas that build a better, more equitable future for all. It's a captivating journey of self-discovery and professional enrichment and an opportunity to form life-altering relationships with some of the brightest minds on the planet.

About TEDx

TEDx is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of TED's overall mission to research and discover "ideas worth spreading". TEDx brings the spirit of TED to local communities around the globe through TEDx events. These events are organized by passionate individuals who seek to uncover new ideas and to share the latest research in their local areas that spark conversations in their communities.


TEDxSAIT organized by Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, Sri Aurobindo Group of Institutes. Find the Extraordinary in Ordinary. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.
SAIT brings together such talented individuals who with their uniqueness mark an indeliable impression on people and society at large.

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