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World Environment Day 2024 at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy

World Environment Day 2024 at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy

World Environment Day was celebrated at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy (SAIP) on June 5th, 2024 with much vigor and passion. This special day is celebrated across the globe to increase awareness as well as encourage action about environmental concerns. The theme of this year was ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ thereby bringing to light the need for renewed focus on the ecological systems on the earth.

A Day Full of Activities:

Plantation Drive

The plantation drive was initiated at Pitra Parvat, near the temple area and it was an energetic and colorful one. The college students, faculty members, and other non-teaching staff demonstrated in front of the college and moved towards the temple holding portable blackboards in their hands repeating slogans and messages to make the visitors of the temple aware of the importance of tree plantation. Together, they collected trash and cultivated various types of medicinal plants that would help combat deforestation and increase the greenery density in the region.

Cleanliness Drive

#SAIP also coordinated the cleanliness campaign throughout the urban areas and around the college. Community members strived to clean the surrounding area effectively and contributed to filling two large garbage bags with plastic waste, and pollutants showing everyone the negative effects of plastic waste in our everyday lives and the environment.

Poster and Drawing Competition

For enhancement of awareness about the practice of land restoration and the overall ethos of sustainability a poster and drawing competition was organized on the campus. Students were tasked with the creation of artworks on the theme: “Ecosystem Restoration” communicating the fact that ecosystems are fragile and need to be restored.

Here are three fascinating facts about ecosystems and their restoration:

1. Forest Carbon Storage:
Forests store approximately 45% of the world's terrestrial carbon, making them crucial in the fight against climate change.

2. Mangrove Efficiency:
Mangrove forests can sequester up to four times more carbon than most other types of forests, acting as significant carbon sinks.

3. Biodiversity in Rainforests:
Although rainforests cover only about 6% of Earth's surface, they are home to more than half of the world's plant and animal species.
Impact and Outcomes

World Environment Day serves as a crucial platform for spreading awareness and promoting environmental action. The impact of SAIP's celebration was felt in several ways:

Awareness: The public and the participants became aware of the crucial environmental concerns and the importance of responsible actions.

Education: All the activities of the day are aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues and the subsequent behavioral changes for the better part in following sustainable aspects of life.

Community Engagement: When members of the local communities engaged themselves in clean-up events and planting of trees, they would have been sensitized to the need to do more for the deterioration of the environment around them.


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