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National Technology Day (2022) Celebration at SAIP

Event Type: Celebration
Event Theme: IIC celebration
Date: 11/05/2022
Time: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Duration: 3 Hour 00 Minutes
Venue: SAIP
Mode: Offline
Organizing Body: SAIP IIC
No. of Participants: 37
No. of faculties: 2
No. of students: 35

Speaker Details: Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra, Professor CSE and Director, SAIT,Indore.
Event Coordinator: Ms. kiran Verma, Assistant Professor, SAIP
Report Courtesy: Ms. kiran Verma, Assistant Professor, SAIP

Post SAIP National Technology-2

Objective of the event:

To spread awareness among students about Artificial Intelligence in health care system. As it brings a paradigm shift to health care, that helps to increase the availability of healthcare data and rapid progress of analytical techniques.

Event Activities:

Photo scavenger hunt:

Photo Scavenger Hunt was a fun scavenger hunt activity with an interesting twist —the students were given various riddles, they have to solve them and the ultimate goal was to bring back digital photos and showcase their creativity.

Word cloud generation:

A word cloud is a visual representation of words. Students created clouds using highlighted popular words and phrases based on Technology.


In the lecture the speaker briefed about the health care industry that deals with a variety of data which can be classified into technical data, financial data, patient information, drug information and legal rules.h He also briefed about various converging techniques. Later he discussed how the AI can be applied in medicine and types of machine learning algorithms.

Benefits of AI:

  • AI can definitely assist physicians
  • Clinical decision making - better clinical decisions
  • Replace human judgement in certain functional areas of healthcare (eg, radiology).
  • Up-to-date medical information from journals, textbooks and clinical practices
  • Experienced vs fresh Clinician
  • 24x7 availability of expert
  • Early diagnosis
  • Prediction of outcome of the disease as well as treatment
  • Feedback on treatment
  • Reinforce non pharmacological management
  • Reduce diagnostic and therapeutic errors
  • Increased patient safety and Huge cost savings associated with use of AI
  • AI system extracts useful information from a large patient population


1)   I came to know that  technology is a tool for their owners , it is the whole sole responsibility of the owner, if chosen wisely can be a bliss but if not than it may be a curse  .  

 ~ Mr. Tej pratap singh, Attendee 

2)   I believe every attendee has cleared their concepts regarding Artificial Intelligence based software with unprecedented new opportunities to help speed up drug discovery. 

 ~ Ms. Kiran verma, Faculty

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