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Full Stack Web Development Workshop at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology

Full Stack Web Development Workshop at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology (SAIT) Indore once again showcased its commitment to fostering innovation and skill development.

The Full Stack Development Workshop, held from 16th to 20th October 2023, stands as a testament to SAIT's dedication to providing its students with opportunities that align with industry demands and future technological trends.


A Glimpse into the Workshop

The Computer Science and Engineering Department of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology (SAIT), Indore, proudly hosted a comprehensive workshop on Full Stack Web Development Program, from 16th to 20th October, 2023.

This five-day intensive program, meticulously organized in Room No. 418 on 4th Floor, was designed to immerse students in the core concepts of both frontend and backend programming, offering them a holistic understanding of the web development landscape.


The Vision Behind the Workshop

The inception of this workshop was rooted in a clear objective: to familiarize students with the latest web development technologies.

In an era where digital presence is paramount, the ability to create robust and dynamic websites is a coveted skill. This workshop aimed to provide a platform where participants could delve deep into the nuances of web development.

By understanding the significance of design principles, students would be equipped to effectively present ideas, information, products, and services on websites, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The Inception of the Workshop

The event kicked off with a ceremonial welcome for the guest speaker, Mr. Jitendra Singh Shekhawat, a renowned Full Stack Trainer from Coding Thinker.


Symbolizing the institute's respect and gratitude, Mr. Sunil Parihar, Head of Department - Computer Science and Engineering Department, presented a bouquet of flowers to Mr. Shekhawat. This gesture set the tone for the workshop, emphasizing the importance of knowledge exchange and collaborative learning.

Following this warm welcome, Mr. Parihar took to the stage, addressing the eager attendees. He highlighted the significance of the workshop, setting the stage for the sessions to follow.

Expert Insights from Mr. Jitendra Singh Shekhawat

As the guest speaker, Mr. Shekhawat's session was undoubtedly the highlight of the workshop. Drawing from his vast reservoir of experience and expertise, he embarked on a journey to share invaluable technical insights and real-world programming experiences with the students.

His approach was both interactive and enlightening. Rather than one-sided lecture, Mr. Shekhawat ensured that students were actively engaged, prompting them to think critically and ask questions.

This dynamic interaction ensured that students not only gained theoretical knowledge but also understood its practical application in the ever-evolving world of web development.

A Day-Wise Deep Dive Into the Workshop

The workshop, spanning five days, was meticulously structured to ensure a progressive learning curve. Each day was dedicated to specific topics, allowing students to grasp the fundamentals before diving into more complex areas of Full Stack Web Development.


Day 1: Laying the Foundation

The inaugural day of the workshop set the stage for the days to come. With 63 enthusiastic participants in attendance, the session began with an introduction to the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The hands-on approach allowed students to install extensions in VS code and familiarize themselves with fundamental HTML tags, lists and entities. The anchor tag, a crucial element in web development, was also covered, ensuring students grasped the concept of creating links.

Day 2: Advancing with HTML and CSS

The momentum from Day 1 carried forward as 67 students delved deeper into the intricacies of HTML tags and CSS. The session emphasized the versatility of CSS, exploring inline and internal styles.

To ensure practical application of the concepts taught, students were given assignments. They were tasked with creating a timetable using HTML, designing an application form, and even building a shared website.

These assignments provided a platform for students to apply their knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject.

Day 3: Diving into CSS and JavaScript

The third day witnessed 65 students eager to expand their knowledge. The session explored the various types of CSS, with a particular focus on external CSS.

Students learned about the CSS box model and were introduced to JavaScript. This combination of CSS and JavaScript is pivotal in creating dynamic and responsive websites, making this session crucial for aspiring web developers.

Day 4: Exploring the Depths of JavaScript

With 68 participants in attendance, Day 4 delved deeper into the world of JavaScript. The session covered tags for accessing and modifying content, creating new elements, and even removing elements. The power of event listeners in JavaScript was also explored.

In consolidate their learning, students were given an assignment to create a small project using CSS and JavaScript. This hands-on approach ensured that ensured that students not only understood the theoretical aspects but also gained practical experience.

Day 5: The Final Frontier - Node.js and Server Creation

The concluding day of the workshop was a testament to the comprehensive nature of the program. With 65 students participating, the session focused on advanced topics like exporting files using JavaScript, specifically Node.js.

Students learned about linking different JavaScript files, creating text files, and even the intricacies of starting a server using JavaScript.

This session provided students with the tools and knowledge to create robust and dynamic web applications, equipping them for the challenges of the real world.

Concluding Thoughts and Reflections

The Full Stack-Web Development Workshop at SAIT Indore was more than just a series of lectures; it was a transformative experience. Over the course of five days, students were equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate the world of web development confidently.


The hands-on approach, combined with evident in the projects and assignments undertaken by the students. Their enthusiasm and dedication were a testament to the effectiveness of the program.

As the workshop concluded, Mr. Sunil Parihar expressed his gratitude to all participants, emphasizing the institute's commitment to providing such enriching opportunities in the future.

The journey of learning and exploration in the realm of web development has just began, and SAIT Indore is at the forefront, guiding its students every step of the way.


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