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SAIP Welcomes New Students with "Dikshaarambh" (Induction 2023)

SAIP Welcomes New Students with

With great pride and enthusiasm, the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy (SAIP) celebrated its 15th Annual Induction Program, "Dikshaarambh," on the 11th of September, 2023.

This prestigious event was meticulously planned to warmly welcome the newest batch of students, introducing them to the college's rich environment, the distinguished faculty, and the myriad of opportunities awaiting them in the realm of Pharmacy.

A Detailed Glimpse into the Event

On a bright morning of 11th September 2023, the SAIT Auditorium buzzed with excitement as it prepared to host the Dikshaarambh Induction Program. The event, scheduled to commence at 10:00 AM, was designed to span a duration of precisely two hours.

Opting for an offline mode to foster genuine connections and interactions, the auditorium was set to accommodate a gathering of 150 participants. This included a dedicated faculty team of 10 esteemed professors and vibrant group of 200 eager students, all ready to embark on their academic journey at SAIP.

Purpose Behind the Gathering

The Dikshaarambh Induction Program was conceptualized with a clear vision: to pave a smooth path for the new students as they transition into college life.

By introducing them to the sprawling campus, the rigorous academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and the plethora of support services, the event aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of what lies ahead.

Furthermore, it served as a beacon, illuminating the vast horizons and potential opportunities in the Pharmacy Sector.

Event Highlights

The day was further elevated by the esteemed presence of Mr. Sandeep Raktate, the Cluster Head Formulation at CIPLA Ltd. His words resonated with wisdom and inspiration, urging students to embrace the challenges and opportunities in the pharmacy field.

The event was inaugurated with profound words of encouragement from Mr. Kinshuk Trivedi, the General Secretary of Sri Aurobindo Group of Institutes, and Mrs. Chani Trivedi, Director at Sri Aurobindo Group of Institutes.

Their sentiments were echoed by Dr. S.C. Chaturvedi (Director - SAIP), Dr. Guarav Kant Saraogi (Principal - SAIP), and Mr. Sunil Dwivedi (Vice Principal, SAIP), all of whom emphasized the institute's commitment to academic excellence.

Organizational Credits

The seamless orchestration of the event was credited to the impeccable coordination by:

  • Ms. Sunayana Rathore, Assistant Professor, SAIP
  • Mr. Yash Bhandari, Assistant Professor, SAIP
  • Ms. Seemu Singh, Assistant Professor, SAIP.

A special note of appreciation goes to Mr. Yash Bhandari and Ms. Vaishali Raghuwanshi, Assistant Professors at SAIP, for their diligent efforts in documenting the event's proceedings.

In conclusion, Dikshaarambh Induction Program 2023 was not just an event; it was the commencement of a promising academic chapter. With its unwavering dedication, the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy continues its legacy of offering a transformative and enriching educational journey to its students.

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