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Management Cine Connect Event at SAIMS

The session held on the theme “Management cine connect” was conducted on 22.03.2022 for the students of Bachelor in Business Administration, B.Sc, and B.Com first-year students the session was conducted in the campus auditorium and in the session Audio and Visuals were used to convey the message and initiate the learning among students as the audio and visuals are the best mode of learning and teaching pedagogy. In order to make learning more inductive and fun-based the *MANAGEMENT CINE- CONNECT* is being organized.

In the session, students were shown the movie name “The boss Baby”. The lessons students learned from “The Boss Baby” Money isn’t everything: Although, Boss Baby dreams of one day being promoted and having beautiful big corner offices. He realizes later in the film that it is more to life than being on top and this is a beautiful message for students to learn. Teamwork makes the dream work: In the film; the Boss Baby is sent to the home to fulfil a specific mission. In the beginning, he tries to accomplish it on his own. However, he realizes he can’t do it without Tim. Through a cascade of funny events, kids will see how effective the Baby Boss and Tim are at completing the mission as a team.

The importance of family, the movie incorporates a sly, heart-filled message about the importance of family in an authentic and broadly way that will appeal to all ages. After all, every family has ups and downs, but at the end of the day they have each other, and that is what matters. This message is seamlessly tied into the film, and that is why I love DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby.

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