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ACS 3D Animation, Visual effects & 3D gaming Art (TRINITY 3D) program will give insights of the technical and artistic aspects of the Animation, Games & VFX industry.

ACS 3D Animation, Visual effects & 3D gaming Art


According to research, the global animation market size is expected to grow up to US$ 642.5 bn by 2030, at a rate of 5.2% from 2021 to 2030. The size of the global animation market was valued at US$ 354.7 billion in 2020. As far as the Indian Media and Entertainment Industry is concerned, the current trends suggest that the Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comic (AVGC) sector is growing at a rate of almost 29%.

Other than the USA and the UK, India is now attracting work from places all around the globe like France, Germany, and the Middle East and this has been driving up the engagement of Indian Artists in International films and TV Productions. Now, there is a significant number of movies where Indian animation companies played a more prominent role, by executing larger and end-to-end projects on an international scale.

As a part of this TRINITY 3D Career program, you will get to learn about the insights of both the technical and artistic aspects of the Animation, Games & VFX industry to proceed with modern digital tools used in the industry, you will gain the necessary knowledge of traditional art and design theory. The Program will impart creative and practical skills within 3DGame Art, Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) for various types of products like Animation Feature Film, Animated TV Series, VR Experiences, Games or Visualizations, Visual Effects for Films, Television & Commercials and will enable you to specialize within the different fields of Animation, Games, and VFX. This would eventually broaden the job opportunities for you.

Program Features

  • A comprehensive Job Oriented program
  • Industry-relevant curriculum
  • Industry Simulated Hands-on Training using latest tools and techniques
  • Laddered learning from basic to advance level
  • Projects at regular intervals
  • Practical application using latest versions of tools/software
  • Specialization & Creating Portfolio in the area of interest
  • Exposure to Industry interaction & workshops
  • Certified Faculty
  • Placement Assistance
  • Online Varsity: Exclusive e-learning platform
  • EDE (Employment Driven Education)
  • Exclusive 3-day Animation Festival "ORBIT LIVE" participation.
  • Induction of Students at the start of the Program.


 30 Months


 100 seats




 KU2 Hill


Course & Software Details

It's a 30 month full duration course, their students learn all skills related to Animation/ VFX/ Graphic/ Gaming. 

  • Course Content

    - Industry endorsed Curriculum

    - Video Tutorials showcasing Studio Approach

    - Practical Assignment driven Training

  • Course Delivery

    - Master-classes by Industry Experts

    - Delivered by Indus Experience dance Faculties

  • Expert Mentoring

    - Portfolio Development mentored by - - Industry experts

    - Online Platform For mentoring Students

  • Top Studio Placements

    - Placement Opportunities in Top 10 Animation, VFX & Gaming Studios

  • Industry Tours

    - Studio Tours of Top 10 Animation, VFX & Gaming Studios

  • Exclusive Student Kit

    It includes a Customized Bag Containing Sketch Pad, Pen Tablets, VR Headset, Drawing & Modeling materials.

Technical Skills Set

  • Video Tutorials on Various Topics of Animation, 3D Game Art & Visual Effects.
  • Digital Master Classes by Top Industry Experts on various Topics of Animation, VFX & 3D Game Art.
  • Online Account on CREOSOULS, an Exclusive Online Platform to showcase student’s Portfolio, Submission & Evaluation of assignments and Show-reel Guidance.
  • Placement Assistance to at least 3 Top Animation / VFX / Gaming Studios (out of a list of Top 15 Studios).
  • 15 Master-classes on various topics of Animation, 3D Game Art & Visual Effects to be conducted by Industry Experts at the Center.
  • Student’s Page access on CREOSOULS.

Available Job Profiles after the completion of the Program

Successful completion of this course makes the student ‘Industry Ready’ and paves the way for many opportunities in the industry as

  • Concept Artist
  • Pre-production designers(Animation)
  • Pre-production Artist (games)
  • Character Designer
  • 3D Matchmoving Artist
  • Rotomation Artist
  • Compositors
  • 3D Asset Artist
  • 3D Character Animator
  • Character FX Artist
  • CG Lighting & Rendering Artist
  • FX / Environment Artist
  • 3D Game Artist
  • Material / Substance Artist
  • Game Environment Artist



Recruiters / Placements

We provide multiple career opportunities from various animation studios, VFX studios, gaming studios.

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