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Game Design

Game Design Program focuses on the skill,
software and techniques that are changing
the world of video game design


Game Design

Over the last 2 decades, the gaming industry has changed drastically with the emergence of home consoles such as the Play Station and Xbox 360, PC, and Mobile Gaming. Live Streaming on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, and the rise in the number of Gaming Competitions has persuaded the youth to choose gaming as a full-time career option rather than using it as a tool for entertainment.

However, growth needs quality, and games today are more engaging and they tend to provide a real-life experience to the players and viewers. The popularity and success of a game are solely dependent on its story line, visuals, and art style as it is on game play.

Our Game Design Program focuses on the skills, software, and techniques that are changing the world of video game design, transforming students into professionally skilled game designers and animators, highly demanded in the gaming industry. It provides an understanding of the basic machinations of the gaming industry; teaching you about various game design roles, responsibilities of designers, production methods, and development milestones. The program also teaches how to design different kinds of characters that populate virtual worlds and how to best use them.

Available Job Profiles after the completion of the Program

  • Game Designer
  • Mobile Game Designer
  • Game UI Designer
  • Game UI Artist
  • Game UX Designer
  • Game Artist
Course Details
 Duration  14 Months
 Intake  100 Seats
 Semester  8 Sem
 Campus  KU2 Hill


What Student would learn?

  • Unity Game Engine
  • Game Design Essentials
  • Creating Game Environments using the
    Unity Asset Store
  • Designing In-game Characters
  • Game Level Design
  • Game UX & UI Design

Recruiters / Placements

Arena Animation is a reputed name in this field and hence we have an elaborate network comprising of leading companies, studios, production houses, and advertising agencies that hire our talented students

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