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What Makes Aurobindo Stand Out From the Others

Other than academic activities, Games & Sports are also an eternal part of an exciting college life. After brainstorming classes, students need to invest their time in recreational activities to restrain and boost their power.

Engaging in sports activities helps students in two ways; it reduces stress and improves their physical and emotional health. Moreover, it can also aid them in developing skills like teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, critical thinking & time management which are of utmost importance for a successful professional life.


Auro Edupark's spacious parkland has an excellent infrastructure for various indoor and outdoor sports. The facilities provided include

  • Multi sports turf
  • A modern tennis court and swimming pool under construction
  • Badminton court
  • Table Tennis
  • Cricket ground
  • Football ground
  • Volleyball Court
  • Kho-Kho
  • Kabaddi
  • Indoor games like Chess and Carrom.

We also organize Sports Tournaments (in-house and inter-college) for the students.


Volleyball Court

Our campus accomodates an olympic size volleyball zone, so engage in thrilling volleys, precise sets, and powerful spikes on our specially crafted volleyball area.

Constructed for optimal playability, our court provides a seamless surface and abundant room for an exhilarating game experience. Volleyball not only boosts your physical attributes like strength and quickness but also hones your precision skills.